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MYTH, a 24 minute hyperreal live performance film, follows the story of Luna and Sol. Two star crossed Lovers, born into a genetically engineered society, destined to change the course of history with their love. MYTH was first premiered at the iconic Sydney Opera House and now makes it’s online debut via DICE FM, May 6-8 2021. 

MYTH, is like nothing the world has ever seen. It is a juncture between Cinema, Music, Fashion, Dance and Performance Art. The unique live performance, is filmed on a customised 360 digital stage in ‘one long shot.’ Maple’s ethereal vocals transport us into the turbulence of a fractured romance. The sonic journey, catapults us into the surreal worlds of ‘The New Monarchy’ and ‘The Fourth Quadrant.’

A mesmerising deep dive into the euphoric heartbreak of young love. 

George Maple’s MYTH is a glimpse into the future of live performance.

Thu 06 May MYTH Livestream, AUS/ASIA                    

Fri 07 May  MYTH Livestream, USA                               

Sat 08 May MYTH Livestream, UK